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Unity Fellowship is ordinary people coming together being our authentic selves. We examine scripture with integrity by examining the context, culture, and community to which it was written. Unity Fellowship is a group of folks honestly exploring spirituality and faith.

We are accepting and affirming of ALL God’s children. NO exceptions. NO excuses.

At Unity Fellowship, we’re working together to tangibly make our community and the world a better place by confronting injustice and inequality.


  • Justice rather than judgement

  • People rather than polity

  • Unity rather than division

  • Action rather than apathy


  • Relationships MatterThe church is not a building we gather in but a community we become a part of. EVERY person is deserving of love and acceptance. Whether you are a seeker or spiritual, a saint or a sinner, single or partnered, cis or queer EVERYONE is welcome at Unity Fellowship. NO exceptions. NO excuses.


  • The Church Is Not A Building It’s A MovementWe believe a church is great, but a movement is better. Our goal is not institutional success but relational success by creating brave spaces for people to honestly explore spirituality;  asking questions, bringing doubts, and entering into discussion.


  • We Give Ourselves AwayWe believe the work of the church is 7 days a week – because of this we don’t want to be a worship service, we want to be a community loving, creating, and working together to confront injustices, bring about liberation, and change to the world. 

  • The Goodness of GraceWe believe the good news that God’s love is for everyone; no matter what.


  • Of connecting with  those who have given up on God, church, and religion.

  • Of a network of communities that welcomes ALL, accepts ALL, loves ALL, and seeks justice for ALL.

  • Of joining a community not building a club.

  • Of a movement of communities that spreads across our city, region, and nation bringing the good news of God’s inclusive love and liberation to the oppressed.


Unity Fellowship is a service-oriented, LGBTQ+ welcoming and affirming church.

We seek to boldly claim the good news of God’s inclusive love, confront injustices, and radically affirm all God’s children while welcoming questions and doubt.

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